Custom Designs


Do you have a special occasion coming up that needs something extraordinary and unique?

 Or maybe you'd like to express your creativity in a custom-designed piece of jewelry or a redesign of a piece you already own.

 Custom jewelry is one of the most distinctive ways to both commemorate and create special moments.


  Repairs &



Worn, broken, or outdated pieces of jewelry are often stashed away in jewelry boxes or drawers never to be worn again.

  Or worse, they are discarded entirely. Wouldn't you rather experience the joy of bringing these pieces back to life?


   Restoration &



Do you think an extensively damaged piece of jewelry is doomed to be discarded?

Then you’ll be shocked at what is possible with jewelry restoration! Our services can bring a piece of jewelry back to the beauty of its original appearance.

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   Watch repairs


Armeny is one of Connecticut’s premier providers of watch repair, whether you have a modern watch or an antique family heirloom.



           frame repairs


Broken or bent eyeglass frames don’t only take away from the comfort and appearance of your eye-wear, but they can even affect how well your eyeglasses work for you.




The vast majority of jewelry appraisals are for insurance replacement (retail replacement) purposes

 This type of appraisal should reflect the realistic cost of replacing an item from a store similar to where it was purchased.